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Dr Locksmith Ongo

Hi There, I'm a locksmith from Solihull in the Birmingham area and I'm here to talk about my day as a locksmith in and around the Birmingham area and talk you through the excitement of a normal day in the life of Dr. Ongo. Firstly being from Birmingham I never actually know whether the customer I'm serving actually owns the property or is just using me to break into someone elses property. That's why it's important in my line of work to make sure I keep one of my beady little eyes on the customer to see if they're turning around every 2 seconds and checking for the real owner to turn up. Once I'm happy that either the customer actually owns the property or I'm sure I'd be in serious danger if I refused to serve the customer I crack on with the job, How exciting!


I deal with big locks, big keys, small locks, small keys, and every different type of lock you could think of. From your mortise locks to your Euro Cylinders to your yales either standard or high security I stock and deal with them all on a daily basis. I also love UPVC doors because they're easy and simple to work on the procedure is the same for most doors you just need to find the right parts for the right doors like a real life puzzle book. I feel like this really keeps my mind ticking over and keeps me alert.


I love being a locksmith and wouldn't change it for the world, even when my life is in serious danger and even when I get tackled to the ground and tasered because I helped someone break in to the back of boots pharmacy, it's all in a days work. I love my life and hope to share some of the mischief and other good fun stuff I get up to soon. Thanks guys x